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The Cockatrice's Egg-


a feast of images and words about Shetland from artist Joy Parker and writer Robert Leach whose individual perceptions complement, contradict and resonate with each other. 

Available on request £15 including p&p in the UK

The Cockatrice's Egg.jpg

Cards available! 

£2.50 each or 5 for £10

plus £2 p&p



Prints by Joy Parker



Poetry by Robert Leach

The Cockatrice’s Egg (Verse 1)

An egg on peatland at Burn of Dale.
A kindly henwife, she found it there.
She popped it where her old hen brooded
To keep it warm with the others there.

The eggs they hatched, but the strange intruder
Attacked his brothers, pecked out their eyes.
The chickens all died – the kindly henwife
Had saved the egg of a cockatrice.

The cockatrice egg in the old hen's nest.
All for the worst? All for the best?

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