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Channelkirk Primary School
Mosaic Making

Made in collaboration with Lara Greene   Sustainable Art and Craft | TransformArtsCIC | Selkirk

The front of the school mosaics were funded by Dun Law Trust and the bunting on the side of the school was funded by the Scottish Borders Council Platinum Jubilee Fund.
The children went for a walk in their nearby environment and sketched the scenery. They then made collages with paper of their local wildlife. These were then assembled in to two designs of Day and Night, each being about 2msq to cover up existing murals that were deemed tatty and out of date. The children made the main features in mosaic and then parents and members of the community came and helped create the background. Many of the materials used were recycled including tiles from unwanted display boards from our local tile shop,  jewellery, jam jar lids, cutlery, porcelain crockery, bike parts, pebbles, mirror, broken slate etc  Lara and I installed the mosaics with the volunteer help of mosaic artist Marion Ross.

The bunting was created by children, their parents and members of the community to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee.   And a few birds sit on the strings. Logos for this were made by Lois Parker

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