April 4, 2019

I am in the early stages of creating a new mosaic sculpture so I thought I would share the journey with you. The idea germinated on a day out to part of Hadrian's wall, Chesters Fort, in Northumberland last year, where a little museum held artifacts from the site. I loved the formed and unformedness of them- the wearing away of their features until they returned almost to the earth and to the feeling that you could just squeeze them in your hands and create something else.

Then in Mussoorie, Uttarakhand, India I saw several  cement figures and animals shown below, all wrapped up in newspaper and cloth, which I assume  was to protect them the winter. I was transfixed! Here was adding and covering as opposed to taking away and reducing  but the effect was similar - creating a sense of unformedness.



Later In Kolkata, at The Indian Museum, I saw work from the ancient Harappan civilization - in particular a small clay sculpture of a group of people sitting in a circle, but it was so worn away you wouldn't necessarily know it was a group of people.  But something about this organic looking circle stuck in my mind and became the true origins of this sculpture. Where it will go I am about to find out! I have made the armature with aluminium wire and chicken wire and have started covering it in fiberglass mesh dipped in cement adhesive. It is fun to be free and see where this takes me. It doesn't have to be anything.










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